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ISO transition success

We have successfully completed the transition audit for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

There have been a number of key changes to the quality system and we have been able to demonstrate that these have been successfully implemented.

The audit process has ensured we had focus on a number of key areas:

The top management must take accountability for the effectiveness of the business management system. This is documented through our leadership and management process controls, with the management team holding regular meetings and senior managers holding an annual management review, setting business risks annually and reviewing them.

We have implemented an improvement database which is accessible to all staff. All employees are encouraged to recommend and suggest improvements to processes and procedures, and to monitor any incidents and highlight any processes not being carried out to the standards expected. This is also a platform for customer complaints and supplier issues and is reviewed at every department and management meeting.

Assessing and Planning for Risk
Plan: The establishment of our policy statements, objectives and input from our checks
Do: Our business activities including service delivery, resources including equipment, people and contractors, purchasing and controls and risks relating to the environment, health, safety and well being of our staff, visitors and contractors
Check: The monitoring of our activities through KPIs, trends, audits, walkabouts and management reviews
Act: Addressing improvements through corrective actions with consideration for the root cause

By demonstrating and verifying our compliance to the ISO standards it proves that as a business we are committed to quality, meeting customer requirements and continual improvement.


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