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Prime Rating 20 kVA
Standby Rating 22 kVA
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Power Summary
Prime Rating 20 kVA / 16 kW
Standby Rating 22 kVA / 17.6 kW
Voltage 400 / 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz

Ratings at power factor 0.8

Prime Rating

These ratings are applicable for supplying continuous electrical power (at variable load) in lieu of commercially purchased power. There is no limitation to the annual hours of operation and this model can supply 10% overload power for 1 hour in 12 hours.

Standby Rating

These ratings are applicable for supplying continuous electrical power (at variable load) in the event of a utility power failure. No overload is permitted on these ratings. The alternator on this model is peak continuous rated (as defined in ISO 8528-3).

Standard Reference Conditions

Note: Standard reference conditions 25°C (77°F) Air Inlet Temp, 100m (328 ft) A.S.L. 30% relative humidity.  Fuel consumption data at full load with diesel fuel with specific gravity of 0.85 and conforming to BS2869: 1998, Class A2.

  • Perkins 400 series electric power engine
  • 500 hours service interval
  • Engine mounted battery charging alternator
  • Side rail mounted fuel / water separator
  • Single element air filter
  • Low oil pressure protection
  • High water temperature protection
  • Alternator IP23 protection
  • R220 AVR
  • Coolant drain piped to edge of baseframe
  • FG Wilson DCP-10 autostart control panel
  • Set mounted 3-pole circuit breaker and power loom
  • Robust steel constructed base frame
  • 8 hours fuel tank
  • Containment drip tray on all fuel tanks (enclosed sets only)
  • Baseframe drag points
  • Lube oil drain
  • Radiator fan and charging alternator guards
  • 50% antifreeze (protection to -36ºC)
  • BSP sockets for remote fuel tank connection
  • Enclosure options (3 levels)
  • CE Certification
  • Enhanced control panels
  • Extended capacity bunded fuel tank
  • Exhaust silencers and fixing kits
  • Coolant heater
  • Static battery charger with boost control
  • Volt free contacts for common alarm


  • Fuel transfer circuit
  • Fuel level sender and display
  • Fuel level switch
  • Low fuel level alarm
  • 4 pole circuit breaker
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Automatic transfer switches
  • Single point lift
  • Stone guards

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